An R&B ballad exploring three mechanisms in the female reproductive tract that assist in sperm capacitation and increase the likelihood of the completed maturation of the secondary oocyte (through fertilization) – release of follicular fluid, a temperature gradient between structures, and the secretion of chemo-attractants.


This has been years in the making, baby

At least for me

We know its never a guarantee

But tonight its just you and me

If we got together

What could we be?

Well come over to my place and

Lets see

Okay so you came

All this way

Wouldn’t be a shame

If we didn’t meet up

Didn’t link up

Baby keep up

Can you find me?

This is your invite

Courtesy of an oocyte

This is your invite

Courtesy of an oocyte

We gotta make sure you’re ready

Hold steady

Gotta get capacitated

Before anything else can be initiated

Don’t worry

Imma send you some follicular fluid

Help you to facilitate

Get your head on straight

Open ion gates

Meanwhile you gotta find me

Gotta long way to go

Past the cervix to the uterus

But I ain’t there, no

I’m in the ampulla

Didn’t mean to fool ya

It’s just your luck

We’re gonna meet in the oviduct

This is your invite

Courtesy of an oocyte

This is your invite

Courtesy of an oocyte

Feel the heat, feel the heat

Let your flagella beat, beat

I put up the thermostat

Hopin’ you can follow that

So you don’t have to double tap

I’ve been releasing some progesterone

Wanna set the tone

Let you know you’re not alone

Hope you can smell it bae

Hope you can find your way

You’re getting closer

Wanna close the deal today

This is your invite

Courtesy of an oocyte

This is your invite

Courtesy of an oocyte

It’s nice to see ya

Glad you made it here

So I won’t have to disappear

I could shed a tear

Wanted to see you boo

Hope you can break through

My corona radiata, so that we can fuse

This has been years in the making, baby

At least for me

Know its never a guarantee

But tonight you found me

Tonight you found me.

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  1. This STEAM Project is about the process of sexual reproduction. “Invite from an Oocyte” discusses three main processes that the female reproductive tract undergoes to aid the sperm in sexual reproduction. The beginning of the song conveys the long journey that the sperm must travel in order to reach the egg for fusion. It then explains sperm capacitation and the steps that the oocyte, or egg, takes to make penetration from the sperm possible. The oocyte releases follicular fluid, which is a liquid that coats the egg in preparation for the sperm fusion. The creation of the follicle also aids in the release of the oocyte. Without proper release, the oocyte may develop into a cyst. The follicle also releases hormones that help in reproduction by chemically attracting the sperm to the location of the oocyte. The location of the oocyte is then discussed. The journey through the oviducts and ampulla is mentioned. The song then goes into the flagella of the sperm and its movement through the temperature gradient. The arrival of the sperm at the oocyte is explained. The relief of the meeting is conveyed because without proper meeting of the gametes, the oocyte will have to be released. However, the sperm successfully arrived at the oocyte and must break through the outer layer, which is the corona radiata. Once the sperm properly breaks through the corona radiata, fusion and development of the fetus can begin. Only one sperm can penetrate one egg. The sperm must be able to find its way through the female reproductive tract and survive the immune system in order to reach the oocyte.

    Emman Mendoza

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