For my project, I decided to draw the digestive system. I talked a lot about what all the organs in the digestive system does. I also talked a little bit about gastric ulcers, lactose intolerance and fatty liver disease.

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  1. This is my peer review discussing the abstract of the digestive system by Victoria Pennington. First of all, you did a nice job displaying the correct organs involved in the digestive system. All of the organs were a in the correct position and with usage of your arrows and coloring, everything was easy to locate and properly identify. I especially like how you decided to include the tongue in the artwork. Many people sometimes overlook the tongue and its importance in the functioning of the digestive system. Another thing I really like was your inclusion of the colon and large intestine together rather than drawing two separate entities as other may assume it is separate rather than inclusive. Your goal to correctly get your point across in regards to the objective was done well.
    Although you included this information in your project essay, I think it would have been very interesting to see an illustration depicting one of the inadequacies that can occur within the digestive system. Having a closer look of the gastric ulcers that line the mucus barrier of the stomach causing a hole in the muscularis mucosa. Besides my suggestion of seeing a visual representation of the ulcer, I think you did a nice job overall on your STEAM project!

    Prince Cooks

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