steam carcinoid tumor

For my steam project I decided to do it on Carcinoid Tumors that grow in the digestive system and in the Lungs. I was inspired to do this as my project because my mom had a carcinoid tumor in her lungs when I was 6. Now she has a full left lung and 1/3rd of her right lung. I did a large paper pamphlet for this project.

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  1. Makayla’s STEAM project was a pamphlet on carcinoid tumors. The front cover is a drawing of a doctor’s office, with an X-ray of a pair of lungs open on the computer. The next page has information on where the carcinoid tumors grow. Carcinoid tumors in the lungs can grow in the main bronchi or the bronchioles. These tumors tend to grow slower than other types of lung cancer. The tumors in the digestive system can grow in the stomach, colon, small intestine, rectum, and the appendix. These tumors grow very slowly. Then there is a diagram, showing you exactly where the tumors can grow. Next, the pamphlet tells you what the carcinoid tumors are made of. They are made of neuroendocrine cells. Neuroendocrine cells regulate air and blood flow in the lungs and secrete hormones that control digestive juices and the muscles used in digestion. Then there is a diagram of a neuroendocrine cell. The next three pages show an image of the lungs with a carcinoid tumor and a microscopic view of the tumor. Finally, the last page talks about the treatments for these tumors. Surgery is the preferred treatment, but is not always possible. Alternative treatments include medication to stop the hormones, ablation which shrinks the tumor, chemotherapy which kills cancer cells, radiation, and organ transplants.

    Caroline McCormick

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