What is the reaction to Allergic Asthma ? The treatments that are use to treat  allergic Asthma such as albuterol, nebulizer machine and other oral pills. What causes the lung to become inflamed or triggered such as pollen or dust mites.

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  1. Veronica created a great visual of Allergic Asthma, what triggers a reaction, how the lungs respond during the immune response, and how a reaction is treated. I believe that she formed her project on the effects of disease on the function and structure of the respiratory system. In her visual she has a drawing of the lungs in a normal state and then the lungs in an inflamed state. In the inflamed state the lungs are two pieces of meat. This is a great way to show how, during an allergic asthma reaction, there is less space in the lungs and airways making it much harder to breath. The inflammation is caused by the muscle in the walls of the lung contracts and mucous blocks respiratory paths. She also included a tree branch with the label pollen, and pollen is an allergen that can cause a reaction in people with asthma, as it is inhaled into the body it can cause the inflammation shown in her lung visual. The rest of the poster is filled with medicine and medical machines that help to ease the symptoms of allergic asthma during a reaction. She included an inhaler, Claritin, Trelegy, and four other objects. These medicines help to open back up the airways and counteract inflammation in the lungs. I really like that she included the trigger, reaction, and solution to the disease of allergic asthma in her project. It brings more awareness to just how easily someone with asthma can be triggered by an allergen and how scary it can be when the reaction is occurring. Being able to identify the signs of asthma and what medicines are needed to treat is important because the disease is prevalent, and even children can have allergic asthma. Overall I think Veronica did a wonderful job showing the effects of asthma on the function and structure of the respiratory system, and her project looks great!

    Bridget O'Neill

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