The menstrual cycle, oh the joys of dealing with a 3-7 day period, the best 3-7 days of a woman’s life. I mainly focused on the different stages of the menstrual cycle, as well as talking a little about normal vs. irregular and what could be the cause for them. Even the different symptoms we women go through during those different stages. Like I said, such a fun time for us women, am I right? Enjoy my painting of the female reproductive organs and what It’s suppose to look like when a period is about to happen! (I tried my best with this painting LMAO)


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  1. I am peer-reviewing Riley’s abstract on the menstrual cycle. First, I think you did a great job with how you displayed the female reproductive system and displaying the organ. I wasn’t able to see what you put in the 500 word essay portion because it said I needed access. From what I read in the intro to your project it seemed like you had a lot of good things to talk about. I especially liked that you mentioned that you talked about irregular vs regular and what can cause that to happen. I recall you talking about some of the symptoms women get throughout the menstrual cycle. A little side note, I love the purple background color. Purple is my favorite color. Anyways, even though I couldn’t see what you had in the essay portion, I loved your project and think you did a great job!

    Victoria Pennington

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