My project was a representation of how left sided heart failure compares to a mechanical pump failure. Although they each have their own special causes, both the causes of left sided heart failure and a failure of a centrifugal pump result in similar effects. When air pockets get into the pump, they burst causing irreversible damage. When stimulant drugs or improperly managed diabetes damage the heart as a pump for the rest of the body to receive blood, damage is done to the heart that cannot be undone.

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  1. I really liked how Annika showed left sided heart failure with the fire truck and showed it as the water tank on the truck was broken and water was leaking out. That was very clever! I really enjoyed reading her paper she described this very well. She used her drawing to show the long-term effects of this condition. The heart is in charge of moving nutrients, oxygen, waste, heat, hormones, and immune cells throughout the body. This is why is it so essential to the human body. Just like how a water tank on a fire truck is vital in providing water to put out a fire. Chronic inflammation makes arteries rigid and narrow. Diabetes, high blood pressure, stimulant drugs, and smoking all cause this. I really enjoyed reading your paper and looking at your project. Thank you for sharing! And awesome job!

    Kjrsten C Schindler

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