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  1. What I have learned from Caroline’s TikTok video and essay is how immunity is acquired. The video and essay start with a virus coming in to invade the body but the antibodies have a say and a battle plan to stop it, she further goes along in saying that antibodies that were developed during past illnesses and vaccines are considered as active immunity. This happens when the antibodies are acquired from the body reacting form an immune response. with active immunity the immunity that we can get from previous illnesses are naturally acquired because the body did not need any help in making them but vaccines are considered artificially acquired because the body did need help in developing the antibodies. She further comments that some antibodies last a lifetime but some do not because some disease like Covid have many different strains so the body didn’t have antibodies against that particular strain. Speaking of Covid she also mentions that Covid antibodies usually take about two weeks to develop in the body and that some antibodies for Covid didn’t not last very long. In addition to active immunity there is also passive immunity. Passive immunity is when we get antibodies from our mother when we were a baby. Also we can also get passive artificial immunity; but these antibodies are already made in a host and then we get them, so that means that the antibodies protection are immediate but they do have a tendency to short lived and their is a chance that we can still get sick. In her conclusion she talks about all the different Toll receptors. I really liked her TikTok video it was very catchy and amusing.

    Makayla Hart

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