My STEAM Project is on Breast Cancer. I painted the anatomy of the breasts and included the location of the tumor, as show above, which is formed by cancer in the cells. Breast cancer can be found in both women and men, although it is most common in women in the Unites States.


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  1. The drawing of the breast is amazing! It is easy to see the different parts and the accuracy of the organ is great. The way the breast cancer developed through the error in mitosis is very obviously put. The information that is presented is done so in an organized and straight to the point. Adding all the different types of breast cancer and the treatment options really brought it all together. With having personal experience with breast cancer, I have firsthand seen what exactly you are saying. There are so many different options for treatment, and you included all of them which is amazing. Many people do not understand how breast cancer effects so many people. The explanation of the errors in mitosis and the way that it can infiltrate the DNA. I think you could have gone further into how the cancer could be hereditary or the different ways that the cancer could start. Like pinpoint how the cancer comes into the body or that causes the cancer. You also could have linked which treatment goes with what type stage or type of cancer. I did not know that breast cancer formed in men! I did not know why I did not piece it together. That was an interesting fact that I really liked. I also did not know that hormone therapy was used as a cancer treatment plan. I am definitely going to be looking up the 5 different main types so I can learn even more. I enjoyed learning about breast cancer and your drawing of the breakdown of the breast.

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