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  1. I think that Jessica did a fantastic job on both her essay and art project. In her project she made a completely edible model of the endomembrane system with all of the organelles are represented. The cytoplasm is made of Jell-O. The mitochondria are the powerhouse of the cell, making ATP, is made of jelly beans. The rough Endoplasmic reticulum(ER) is made fruit by the foot. The rough ER Ribosomes on it which are represented by Nerds, which creates proteins for the cell to function. The Golgi apparatus, which processes and packages macromolecules, is the piece of blue chocolate on the right attached to the rough ER. The other piece of blue chocolate on the left is the smooth ER, which doesn’t contain ribosomes, but synthesize steroids and lipids, metabolize lipids, contain calcium, and drug detox. The centrioles are represented by Twizzlers and have nine triplets of microtubules which are represented by spaghetti noodles. Centrioles are the base of flagella and cilia. The nucleus which the big green cake and has a smaller green cake inside of it which is the nucleolus. The nucleus is covered in nuclear pores which are represented by sprinkles. The nucleus is the largest of the organelles. The nucleus has three important parts, the nuclear envelope, nucleoli, and chromatin. The nucleus also acts as the brain of the cell. It’s also surrounded by a protective membrane. the nucleolus creates the ribosomes and RNA. Chromatin form into chromosomes during cell division. The nuclear pores allow small molecules through like RNA, but keep larger molecules is like DNA.


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