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  1. Stephanie did her project on ciliated cells in our body, as she began to present her project I learned that it was pseudostratified epithelial cells that were in our upper respiratory system were the ciliated cells. These cells are responsible for cleaning up the air that we breathe. When we breathe we also can inhale bad particles that are in the air, such as pathogens. These bad particles such as smoke are cleaned out. see ciliated cells have goblet cells that attach to these bad particles and then they will become covered in mucus which when then travel back towards our mouth by the serum. That mucus is then expelled by swallowing or coughing it out. This system is one of the ways that our bodies help prevent lung complications. I really found this project interesting because I learned something that I did not know before. After seeing this video and reading the essay i can really tell that Stephanie definitely knew what she was talking about and that she really did her research well

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