My project is about osteoporosis management through antiresorptive agents, or drugs, that are prescribed to slow osteoclast resorption. I illustrated four stages of osteoporosis, featuring osteoclast and osteoblast involvement. The osteoclast are the large multinuclear cells with the ruffled edges and the osteoclast are the smaller unicellular ones. They are working on trabecular bone. They are such cute little cells, that I had to turn them into a lantern.


  1. This project was about Anti-resorptive agents for osteoporosis management in postmenopausal women. It was a really interesting topic to learn and read about it. This project presented a great example of how osteoporosis can affect someone. It also taught me the ways that people can manage the pain and slow the rate at which their bones are affected by osteoporosis. Osteoporosis causes the bones to become weaker and this can be especially dangerous for older people and postmenopausal women. After reading your paper and comparing it to your project, I learned that the cells that are affected when osteoporosis arises are the osteoblasts and osteoclasts. One part that stuck out to me, was when you mentioned that the anti-resorptive agents are able to stop the production of osteoclasts, and this is what helps slow the rate at which osteoporosis occurs. I also learned that drugs such as Denosumab, as you mentioned in your essay, can slow the rate at which the cells are affected by osteoporosis, and can help manage osteoporosis in postmenopausal women. It was interesting to learn how the cells react when they are exposed to the anti-resorptive agents. I believe that your project and essay, both helped teach me more about how Osteoporosis can be managed in older people, and more specifically postmenopausal women. This paper was really informative and provided great information. You did a great job stating what osteoporosis is, what causes it to occur, and how it can be treated or at least slowed down. I enjoyed seeing how your STEAM project all came together and all the interesting things that I learned about. Nice work!

    Samantha Morse
  2. Victoria’s project was very informative and very specific. She went into detail about osteoporosis in women. I appreciated how the essay began with an in depth description of what osteoporosis is and how it functions. She hilighted the peak age of bone resorption being 30 , and how osteoporosis is a issue for postmenopausal women around the age of 70. Victoria’s essay taught me about the price tag that comes along with osteoporosis. The U.S. contributes $17 billion dollars into the bone market. She mentions how decreasing estrogen levels push forward the process of osteoporosis. Her essay include how anabolic drugs may not be the best approach for help the issue, and goes on the explain the treatment goals for the skeletal disease.
    She mentions that vitamin D, K2, and calcium supplements should be include with a weighted exercise in particular should be included in treatment for osteoporosis. Overall, I felt well informed after reading this essay. I think it was constructed very well and the order of the topics discussed made the essay easy to understand. I appreciate the section of “Bad therapies?”, being followed by “Treatment Goals”. I believe it gave a negative question a positive solution. Outside of the essay, the illustrations are great. The lantern art with the stages of osteoporosis was very creative.

    Shye Knowles

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