My artwork focuses on the skeletal system, mainly bones strength. This was inspired after we had compared the relationship between skeletal muscles and bones being similar to levers in earlier units. The skull I painted was supposed to show the strength that both bones and metal have. Protection and movement are two of the seven functions of the skeletal system that require the bone to be strong and durable. The actual work shows a metal skull on a workbench with tools to the left and wire on the right. On the skull, where the metal plates meet is also where the different areas of the skull are (zygomatic, nasal, etc) where the wires have an organic quality to them even if they are man made.

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  1. This painting is incredible! Really well done and a super cool concept. I really like how the skull is made of steel to show just how strong the skull and the skeletal system is. The artist also was able to show the different areas of the skull which is incredible. The background of the painting Is on a workbench that helps show the durability of bone and the skull. I’ve only painted on canvas a couple of times, but it definitely did not turn out as good as this. I believe this painting was painted on canvas which is super cool. Canvas is super difficult to paint but the painting turned out incredible. The shading and painting creates a super unique 3D view which is super cool and incredible. To show just how strong and durable the skull is the skull can withstand 520 pounds of compression, if you have super strong bones the skull can hold up 2100 pounds of compression. The skull is comprised of 22 bones that make up the most important protection for the brain. The partial bone is the largest bone in the skull and sits at the posterior of the skull. Overall, this painting is amazing and beautifully painted. I love the fact that the painter decided to show the relationship between metal and the bones of the skull. I can’t get over the fact how well it was painted, from the wood to the different areas of the skull, and the wires.

    Sarkis Yousoofian

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