I painted three different paintings to highlight the wide variety of tissues that are involved in the injury which is called shin splints.

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  1. Steam Project – Partner Abstract

    My Steam partner did her project on shin splints. Overall, I am super excited to dig into this project and learn more about this condition. My partner opened her paper by stating her objective which consisted of talking about shin splints and locating various relevant tissues surrounding. I learned that medial tibial stress syndrome (better known as shin splints) most commonly occurs in athletes. This syndrome is a running related injury that is attributed to overuse. With lack of rest and repetitive training, inflammation can occur on the periosteum. This inflammation and friction between the muscles and the tibia bone can further translate to stress fractures. I learned that poor form running can increase risk for shin splints. I also learned that shin splints can heal quickly if caught early due to the damage to the fast growing connective tissue. Overall, I thought my partner’s project was engaging and full of interesting facts and sources. Through this project I felt that I improved my knowledge base on a condition in which we did not discuss in the lectures.

    William Jarman

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