For my STEAM project I made a short film depicting the virus COVID 19 and tried to show the basics of how it enters cells and infiltrates the body. The main “characters” are the COVID-19 virus, and the killer T white blood cells that combat it, in addition to some other regular ol people. Also please excuse the huge watermark on the bottom of the screen, the software I used wanted me to pay $40 to remove it

The video was too large to upload so here is the google drive link:


  1. COVID-19 has been on the world’s mind for just over a year now. The effects of this disease have been both pathological and financial, and have reached to all parts of the world. This disease has shown that no matter the financial status of an individual, you are no out of reach of this virus. In this piece, Eloise portrays this deadly virus as a home intruder. The objectives that this short film addressed were, “comparing and contrasting the function and structural characteristics of tissues” and “location of various tissues in the body”. SARS-COV-19, is a respiratory virus that is spread through droplet transmission. This virus is most deadly to the elderly and the immunocompromised, and targets the epithelial cells lining the upper respiratory tract. The damage done to these cells can be linked to the COVID-19 virus.

    Morgan Judkins
  2. For more than a year, the whole planet is suffering from the corona pandemic. It caused a lot of panic, fear, and anxiety.
    People started to worry more about themselves, their families, and their beloved ones, which led them to take some more protective actions.
    A lot of our daily routine has changed; staying home is all we can do now. And if we have to go out a lot of precautions must be taken.

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