For my STEAM project, I wanted to look at different types of disorders, diseases, and cancers that occur on Chromosome 11. I chose chromosome 11 as I have a mutation on my chromosome 11. I have BWS. It is not a sever case like others but, my right side is larger and longer by two inches and I have two different feet sizes as well.

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  1. Garrett’s project focuses on chromosome issues and their consequences, especially dealing with chromosome 11. He talks about how during mitosis, especially S phase, mutations can occur that can be genetic or from other sources like chemicals. He talks about many disorders that can come from chromosome 11 issues; disorders like charcot marie tooth syndrome, wilms tumor and most specifically beckwith-wiedemann syndrome. He goes into personal detail with beckwith-wiedemann syndrome and how it has personally played a role in his life. This disorder causes parts of the body to be larger than others, leading to body abnormalities. It seems that a lot of the disorders he talks about take place when a person is a child or in infancy. He made a really cool monopoly board that goes over chromosome 11 and its specific disorders, which is a great way to learn about mitosis and chromosomes in a cool, fun way.

    Matt Heath

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