This artwork shows the bone repair process after an unfortunate fracture. From the before x-ray, the healing process in between, to a healed bone! Feel free to zoom in to view details within the art. Thank you.

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  1. I was paired with Prince for descriptions on Steam Projects. Prince has chosen to do his project on bone development and bone repair. In his essay, he explains how new bone is formed on injured areas of bones. Causes for this bone damage can come from a lot of different things, for example, increased levels of stress on the bone due to exercise or some kind of high impact sport such as running or basketball. He then goes on to use a sports-related situation to explain how a college football athlete gets an ankle injury during a game. The player decides to go home and ice it and see what happens so he can determine how to go about starting the healing process. Next, he explains how hematomas form over the injured areas and are rich in fibrin which starts to help rebuild the affected area. This then turns in to boney callus due to increased ossification of the fibrin rich hematoma. He finishes by warning us about the associated risks that come with smoking tobacco and caffeine. Tobacco reduces the blood flow and makes getting nutrients and oxygen to the injury difficult. This results in slower healing of the bone. He then ends by telling us about the risks of using caffeine. Caffeine causes the body to release calcium and this in turn weakens the bones and makes healing difficult.

    Grant Howard

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