This is a comic showing the affects meningitis has on different key structures of the nervous system.


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  1. Hi Taryn,
    First of all, I love your comic. It is so creative, and you have awesome drawing skills! I like how you clearly depicted everything, and labelling everything made it very easy to see exactly what was going on. I could clearly see the difference between structures affected by meningitis and healthy structures that were not affected. I like how you explained everything in steps in your paper, it made it a lot easier to understand. I didn’t realize how much of a problem meningitis was, and also didn’t know that it could be caused by so many bacteria. That was very interesting to me. I learned that meningitis can cause severe side effects, such as seizures, brain hemorrhaging, and even long term neurological damage. The neurological damage may be linked to the increase of nitric oxide, which I thought was incredibly interesting. After reading this paper I definitely learned more about meningitis and how it works, and exactly what happens inside the body from your comic. From now on I will be a lot more careful to not contract this disease, because it can create long lasting affects. Overall I like how you presented your project, and how you explained what was happening in your comic within your paper, making them come together nicely. Good job 🙂

    Michelle Theisen

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