My STEAM project shows the symptoms that can be experienced due to sensory nerve damage from alcohol related peripheral neuropathy. My dad has alcohol related peripheral neuropathy. Without feeling it ourselves, my family and I have always struggled to understand exactly how the pain feels to him. He described his pain to me, to the best of his abilities. Then, I tried to draw it in a picture, to see a visual representation.

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  1. Jailyns steam project was on alcohol peripheral neuropathy. Jailyn states in her project that this was an interesting topic for her to do because her dad suffers from alcohol peripheral neuropathy. Alcohol peripheral neuropathy can directly affect the body’s sensory nerves. Neuropathy can be caused from many different things, Jailyn says. Alcohol peripheral neuropathy is directly related to chronic alcohol abuse. 44% of alcohol abusers show signs and symptoms of peripheral neuropathy. Transduction is the process of when stimulus is to be felt, the sensory cells translate the stimulus into action potential. The stimulus excites the receptor. The energy is converted into graded potential.
    In Jailyns fathers case, he feels symptoms of numbness, sharp, squeezing. His feet are very sensitive to cold. Her drawing represents the symptoms he feels, she did a great job of capturing what he told her his symptoms were. This project was extra interesting for me personally because I have been working in a pain clinic for a little over a year now, and we deal with a lot of patients with neuropathy. We help treat their neuropathy. I hear people describe this exact pain everyday, multiple times a day. Like Jailyn says in her paper her dad says it is difficult to explain his pain. Most of the people I see in a day say the exact same thing. At our clinic, we treat neuropathy by prescribing different medications with the doctors discretion. Another thing we do at our clinic to treat patients with neuropathy is, nerve block injections. Jailyns project was very interesting for me, I really enjoyed it and she did a great job on her STEAM project.

    Telissa Thompson-Martin

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