My STEAM project is about the pathway that food takes through the digestive system as well as some key roles that take place at each organ. In my essay, I went into depth as to the path that food takes from mouth to anus.

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  1. Abigail decided to use artwork to explain the pathway of food through the digestive system. In her essay, she began by discussing how we obtain energy from food. The process of gaining energy is through digestion. Abi went through and discussed the physical organs involved in the digestion process through a real-life diagram explaining each organ and explaining specific roles they play within digestion
    Abigail did a good job going step by step and explaining the process. She started out explaining that the process begins at the mouth which for her project it is the drawing of lips. After this, the saliva moistens the food and promotes movement to the esophagus. She described the esophagus by explaining it’s placement and how it connects the stomach and mouth. In her actual project, she drew a long pink tube to signify the esophagus. After here she explains that it reaches the stomach which she explained is the pink structure in the middle of the project. She explains the different processes that take place to the food here such as enzymes being released to break down food, creating a chime that gets empties into the small intestine. She drew the small intestines and explained the important events that take place within them and how nutrients are absorbed. Then it travels to the large intestine which she drew as a pink wrinkly organ. She talks about how bacteria within breaks down nutrients, producing stool. The project did a great job artistically explaining the process of digestion and the path food takes.

    Nathaniel Savel

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