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  1. The project involved a drawing of two human bones that differentiated a healthy bone and a bone affected by osteoporosis. The first picture showed a healthy bone and the picture next to it was a bone affected by osteoporosis. The project did not show detailed labelling of the bones but the report gave a description of the project. In the report the writer described the disease and how it affects the bone giving the kind of bones that are affected in the body. Prevalence to osteoporosis was give more to women, Caucasians and Asians.
    Causes of osteoporosis were pointed out with the main cause being low calcium intake in the body and risk factors such as diet disorder, smoking, inactivity, intake of caffeine and low estrogen levels being listed as well. The affected bone showed how the osteoporosis affects the bone mass leaving it fragile, loss of density, risk of fractures and bone loss. Osteoporosis can be diagnosed by taking a scan of the bone mineral density and doctors can point out the type of osteoporosis that affects an individual. Osteoporosis may be prevented by starting this process ass early as in childhood.
    In addition treatment options varies from giving prevention measures as such exercise, eating food rich in vitamin D and calcium and maintaining a healthy weight. Medications can be used where prevention did not apply but prevention is the best way to avoid being affected.


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