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  1. Ainsley Benson did her project on the digestive system. In Ainsley’s project, she discussed the organs involved in the digestive system, the steps of digestion, as well as the difference between hollow and solid organs. Her project was engaging and used a stop motion video with colorful organs and arrows to provide a visual representation of the digestive system while she did a voice over to describe each step of the digestion process. The video tracks the path food takes as it first enters the mouth, then working its way through the hollow organs, while solid organs provide enzymes to help break down and absorb the nutrients. She explains the function and duty of each organ. Ainsley also included the relationship between the digestive system and the nervous system; what I mean is that these two systems rely on each other to function properly. She clearly explains how we put food in and mechanically digesting it, so chewing the food. When we swallow the bolus, it enters the esophagus and the body switches over to neural connections to provide the muscles with movement and digestive processes to continue to digest involuntary or without active thought of the process. Ainsley uses many reliable sources to provide the information in her project. I think the use of both audio and visual tools for the project was very captivating and is it is a good platform for many different types of learners to understand the process of digestion from her video. Her paper explains her project clearly and shows what steps she took to make her project and also includes her sources she used. Ainsley’s paper and project were very well put together and I enjoyed learning from both of them!

    Olivia Juhl

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