My steam project is about the objective “Describe the structure and function of the heart”

Each layer adds a system to the heart. A base layer (black and white) the circulatory system (blue and red) the muscular system (purple) and finally the electrical system (green).

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  1. Review of Sabrina White’s STEAM project.

    This is a gorgeous project! I love the cross hatching and stippling technique used to create the outer portion of the heart. I also really like the idea of layering tracing paper on top of each other to show the different systems of the heart. This makes it easier to learn about these systems and see how they are interconnected with each other. You did a good job with representing the objective “describe the structure and function of the heart”. I can clearly tell, in the drawing of the circulatory system, how blood enters through the superior vena cava and enters the right atrium where it flows through the tricuspid valve. The blood then goes through the right ventricle through the pulmonic valve. The blood comes back from the lungs and flows through the left atrium and mitral valve. Where it enters the left ventricle and leaves the heart through the aortic valve and artery.

    You did a wonderful job with illustrating the muscular system. My guess is that the dots with the long tail coming off them are representing the intercalated discs that are only found in cardiac muscle? The electrical system is also drawn well. I only wished that I could see your handwriting a little clearer, but that is okay. Good job with representing the sinoatrial node, and atrioventricular node. I wished you added a little more detail on how the electrical system works, possibly showing the direction of the impulse? Otherwise good job! You seem to have a deeper understanding of how the heart functions after this project.


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