The red cake illustrates a normal   functioning heart. The black cake demonstrates a heart that has experienced a heart attack. The color black, shows that blood clots have blocked the blood flow to the heart. The cut piece illustrates loss of tissue and damage.


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  1. Astrid did her project on healthy tissue of the heart and the black cake is to show the tissue of the heart undergoing a heart attack. During the process of a heart attack parts of the heart do not receive blood or oxygen therefore the tissue that is being deprived dies turning black. This can happen from the coronary arteries becoming narrowed and blocked from buildup of fat, cholesterol and plaque. The damaged tissue eventually heals but is not as strong. Some common symptoms of a heart attack can be nausea, shortness of breath, chest pain, fatigue and cold sweats. To help avoid having a heart attack a well-balanced healthy diet and regular exercise are recommended.
    Astrid was able to provide me with lots of knowledge when I inquired about her topic. She learned it well and was able to make a brief short summary for me about her project.


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