I created a card game of the white blood cells. You must complete all 6 levels of infection to win the game. I got the idea after playing Phase 10 with some of the clients at work. There are directions and a picture of each card. They would have been turned into an actual game but that’s okay. Amber Rozen

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  1. Amber did a really interesting card game of white blood cells. She made this game so students could gain a deeper understanding of levels of infection. She researched neutrophils and neutropenia, a condition in which someone has a low count of neutrophils. Her research surrounds how neutrophils are formed and their functions. Neutrophils are vital to protect the body from infections and neutropenia can be fatal. It is often caused from a treatment to another disease such a cancer where white blood cells are getting killed off. The game does an excellent job of summarizing this information as it goes through different levels of infections and what kinds of white blood cells would be necessary to heal the body. This shows the necessity of neutrophils and how the body would react to different infections if the person had neutropenia. I like how the game starts off with lower levels of infections such as a paper cut and goes to higher levels of infections such as leukemia. This really helps students understand the need for white blood cells and gives a great example of how a disease such as neutropenia could have such an effect on someone’s health and immune system.


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