Taylor Tomasewski and Carolyn Collins

For our project we researched the key structures of the lymphatic system. We have created a picture of the structures in a lymph node. Half of the picture is a normal lymph node the other half shows the cancer inside the lymph node taking over. When the cancer takes over the lymph node it causes inflammation and may be painful. If the person has aggressive Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma the cancer will spread rapidly through out the lymphatic system and the body’s immune system is not able to take over and defend itself properly.


  1. Taylor and her partner started by explaining the structure of the lymph nodes more in depth, what it is made of and the layers it consists of. After that background information, they dive into what Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma is and where it occurs in the body/where the body goes wrong. There are two different types, indolent and aggressive, both can have different treatment options. Some include, antibody therapy, chemotherapy, biologic therapy, surgery, and radioimmunotherapy. Non-Hodgkin’s can be confirmed with many tests including, MRI, CT scans, blood work, biopsies, and spinal taps. People age 20-30 and 55 are most at risk, as well as having a family history of lymphoma, people with HIV infection, and mono infection are most at risk. This disease is most prevalent in males than females. Taylor and her partner did a great job giving the reader a bit of background of how the lymph node is structured and how lymph fluid gets filtered through the node and what goes wrong in the case of Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Nice Work!

    Autumn Gross
  2. This project was well drawn, the neon colors that were used gave emphasis to the lymph nodes. With using colors and paper in presenting the project is good. The drawing is very detailed and creative. They showed the lymph nodes that was ruined with cancer cells and the other half is the healthy one. This shows contrast and emphasis of the details of the disease. I do think that their project has a clear connection to one of the topics we learned in class, which is the lymphatic system. And it gives me more information how lymphatic system works, too! They went beyond the discussions we did in class and they did great in putting it into the picture and on their description. Overall, I think they did a great job in their project!!!

  3. ***continuation***

    They were also detailed on their paper, they stated the structure and role of the lymphatic system. Then they explained how Non-Hodgkin lymphoma form and affects our body. I’ve never heard about this disease, but their project gave me the basic and enough information about it. I also think that it is interesting that there are different types of lymphoma. As well as the ways of detecting the disease, which is through CT scans, MRI, X-ray, and by retrieving a sample of the lymph tissue.


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