This my visual representation of the female reproductive system made out of candy to mimic stained glass. I believe stained glass is beautiful, which is how I wanted to represent the female reproductive system. In my project, I wanted to take a different approach and speak a little about how the fluctuating hormonal changes can cause anxiety and depression in pregnant women.

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  1. This piece is a unique way to represent the female reproductive organ. I like the use of molded hard candy to build the walls and the symmetry in them shows that the artist put in effort to make it look like something you would see in an instructional outlet or displayed. The candy was used as a substitution for stained glass and the use of a substantially different colors to indicate significantly different areas of the organ was well-executed.
    However, I am unsure if the subject of the glass sculpture alone could be linked to the paper, considering the desired topic of the paper. The artist definitely shows their appreciation of pregnancy by using colored glass; however, the topic is explained to be about the difficulties of psychological stress and disorder during pregnancy. While pregnancy undoubtedly involves the uterus, the focus of the psychiatric problems involved in pregnancy does not seem to be represented in the piece.
    In the paper itself we are led to the idea that we would be reading about the psychological stresses that a woman goes through during pregnancy. Aside from the paper eluding to the discussion of these problems, however, we don’t get to read too much about it. We get a little toward the end about classifications of pregnancy-related depression and a mention of hormones involved, but it is the only hard mention of the writer’s desired topic. Overall, I liked the concept and how the art project was built. Also, this is the type of article that I like to read, and I would have enjoyed reading the paper with a little more focus to it.


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