Objective: hormone communication with our body

We were suppose to do the balloon activity together , you have to thank covid-19 for the fact that we cant’.

must watch with audio. so worth it!


  1. in a funny way! lol

    as a mom that have difficulties getting pregnant due to hormone unbalance it was really cool learning about how responsible hormones are for us to be able to have a baby. In this project we only talked about the hormones that are responsible for the labor part, but in reality having a baby involve a bunch of other hormones that play a big role in early stages of pregnancy like estrogen and progesterone.Been able to become a mom and all i went through during pregnancy and during labor help me understand into depth how hormones work. The fact that i want to be a midwife help too.

  2. Sharon and Andrea’s project focuses on the hormones involved in labor and contractions with a visualization of a balloon. The video presentation does an excellent job illustrating the chronological process. Braxton Hicks contractions are mentioned briefly stating that they are not close together and don’t get stronger over time giving the name “false labor.” The false labor can be caused by the baby moving, by the mother lifting something heavy, and nausea. The illustration shows the contraction being on the sides of the uterus whereas the contraction involved with labor is focused superior with the uterus. Oxytocin is involved in causing and strengthening the contractions and controlling bleeding. Endorphins are the calming and pain-relieving hormones. The hormone relaxin helps soften and stretch the cervix. The description says to watch with the audio on and even though it isn’t required to get the information the music is definitely worth it. The Jim Carrey scene is a little unsettling but the visualization is a little spot on.

    Dustin Rabe
  3. I truly enjoyed getting to watch Sharon and Andrea’s project! They did an excellent job of describing and demonstrating their objective of hormones with labor. They gave examples for all and discussed how oxytocin, relaxin, endorphins, and prostaglandin assist women during childbirth. I loved how they described the positive feedback loop of oxytocin and the way it produces contractions until the birthing process is complete. One thing I never understood completely was Braxton Hicks and gave a creative example using the balloon. These are false labor pains and they aren’t actually regular unlike labor contractions. For the women that do have an epidural for childbirth they can experience an extra pain due to the drop in endorphins. Of course I would be lying if I didn’t say the dilation demonstration was my favorite. It really did show how the cervix must widen from six to ten centimeters. Jim Carrey’s cameo was greatly appreciated and pretty funny. You guys were still able to work together, involve your children, and make a very informative video all during this crazy virus. Overall, I thought it was really well done!


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