I made a stop motion video showing the difference between a normal stomach and a post gastric sleeve stomach. In the video you can see the normal stomach showing that it can take all the friut as compared to the smaller stomach that can only hold about 1/3 of the pre surgery stomach. This was to show how gastric sugery changes the stomach and how it affects a person after.


  1. Jennaveve’s project is based on gastric sleeve surgery. She described it as a surgery that is a weight loss surgery. Within the surgery, part of the stomach is left and is reduced to about 75 percent. The low stomach volume leads to the reduction of food consumed that assists in the loss of weight. The surgery also changes how food leaves the stomach and allows individuals to feel full longer. After the surgery, the skin has enough time to decrease at a slow pace to prevent the saggiest skin from remaining. A gastric sleeve surgery may have minimal complications. Though, an individual falling into old habits like over eating and consuming “bad” foods can stretch the stomach and regain weight. To represent the surgery she developed a motion video to illustrate what a normal stomach looks like and a stomach post gastric sleeve surgery. Her video shows how much a normal stomach can consume and how much a stomach that has been through gastric sleeve surgery. The stomach that experienced the surgery was only able to hold about one third of the food. Overall her video showed the influence that gastric sleeve surgery can have on the stomach long term compared to a normal being stomach. Her video was a great visual to explain the surgery and the changes it has on the stomach. It also allowed me to have a visual idea to the description of her overall steam project.


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