1. In this project Anthony is discussing the different types of bone fractures and how they are identified. Bone fractures occur when the amount of force applied to the bone surpasses the bone strength. Bones are at their weakest when they are twisted. Common causes of bone fractures are falls, blunt force trauma, and direct blows to the body and its appendages. Some of the types of fractures that were shown in the project are, greenstick, transverse, and comminuted. Greenstick is when a bone bends then breaks, common in infants and young children. Transverse fracture is when the break in the bone is perpendicular to the direction of the long bone. Comminuted fracture is when the bone breaks into more then two peices, the force needed to break bones in this way is commonly seen in vehicle accidents.
    Sources: Stanford Health Care, 2012, Types of Fractures, stanfordhealthcare.org/medical…and-muscles/fractures/types.html

    Colton Rankin

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