Heart failure is the main topic of my steam project that I want to describe more about it.   Basically, my steam project will cover heart failure types, the process of its anatomy description and its symptoms and treatments.   It is known to us that the heart is important …

Ovarian Cysts

I made a children’s book describing ovulation and ovarian cysts. Because it’s my art piece, it is a little more simplified than my report. I tried to show what the ovaries look like before and after the growth of cysts and how they can affect people. STEAM A&P2

Endometriosis – by Soquel Keelean and AmberLynn Romero

We did our STEAM project on endometriosis, a disease that affects about 10% of reproductive aged women, that is characterized by the growth of endometrium-like tissue outside of the uterine cavity on areas like the ovaries, the fallopian tube, and the peritoneum. While is is benign, it is associated with …

Five Major Classes of Antibodies

My STEAM project is about the five major classes of Antibodies or immunoglobulins called IgM, IgA, IgD, IgG, and IgE. Though they are found throughout the body’s secretions they produced by effector B cells and are secreted by Plasma cells. Though some Antibodies vary in size and structure they each have the minimum characteristics of antibody monomers (four protein chains bound by disulfide chains), the lightest of which forms the antigen binding site. The heavy monomers (high molecular weight) contain variable and constant regions, the constant region means that the amino acids are the same throughout the classes of Antibodies, the variable region is unique for every Antibody. Antigens bind at the ends of each Antibody structure at the variable regions where it forms a y-shape. The other end of the Antibody binds to B-cells, phagocytes, mast cells, or simply float free in the plasma depending on which Antibody it is.I couldn’t figure out how to post multiple pictures so please go to the link to view the paintings. –Antibodies in Waterco

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