Breast Changes During Pregnancy

I made my project into a video like I did last semester, because I thought it was a unique and simplistic visual aid that everyone can watch and receive the message almost instantly. I hope that this style is okay with everyone; as making movies is actually a passion of mine and I am not very good at hands on crafts and art projects. My project is on the changes that occur during pregnancy, specifically to the breasts of a female’s body as it undergoes the changes necessary to facilitate the growth of life. I made a time-lapse video of myself sketching the breasts before pregnancy and breasts during pregnancy. Many changes take place during pregnancy, and a lot of changes actually take place in the breasts themselves. In my exterior sketch, you can see that the breasts become fuller and this is because the female body begins the production of milk when they start growing a child inside of their uterus. You can also see that purple stretchmarks appear as the breasts grow bigger, and these are due to the stretching of skin as they expand. Another important exterior change Is that the areolas and nipples increase in size and sometimes become darker due to increased blood flow to the breasts. These exterior changes are the ones that we hear about the most because they are the changes that we can actually see when we examine them, but there are also many important changes occurring on the inside as well. An increase in estrogen levels allows extra growth of milk ducts and glandular buds that help to produce the milk that the mother will eventually feed her baby with. Other hormones that play significant roles in milk production are human placental lactogen, luteinizing hormone, and oxytocin. As the breasts swell making room for milk storage, the milk ducts extend and elongate in order to accommodate this change. I really enjoyed learning about all of the changes that occur during pregnancy, as someone that would like to be a mom one day, I was interested in how my body will change throughout my pregnancy. I think that pregnancy is such an interesting topic and the reproductive system was one of my very favorite units from this entire class. I think it is very important to recognize all of the changes that a woman’s body goes through in order to bring life into the world, and I think it makes the whole birth process even more incredible and miraculous. Our bodies work hard to keep us alive and well throughout our entire lives, and when a woman becomes pregnant her body not only takes care of itself, but takes care of another life as well and that is something that I find absolutely amazing. The human body is incredible and I just wanted to say how grateful I am to have been a part of such a great class full of great people these last two semesters! Learning about the human body has been an amazing experience that I will not soon forget! Thanks for a great semester, you guys and have a wonderful summer!


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Miranda Lally



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blood and components, a cartoon












My visual aid is a cartoon stating the various componets of blood and the function of blood in the human body.

(Apologies that it’s difficult to see, this is as good of quality of a picture as I’m currently able to upload)


Blood is compromised of four main components; red blood cells, white blood cells, plasma, and platelets.

Plasma is the fluid in which red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets are held and plasma is what allows these components to circulate throughout the body.

Primarily, red blood cells are responsible for carrying oxygen to tissue from the lungs.

White blood cells are commonly referred to as leukocytes which are responsible for the bodies immune system. Leukocytes is the group name of wide variety of immune system related cells.

Plateletes are resposible for blood clotting to expedite the healing of wounds and prevent excessive bleeding.



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STEAM Project

This is my STEAM project

I’ve assembled thin tubing, as if it were the filtration of air within some contraption, to represent the lymphatic system moving lymph through its tiny lymph vessels. I’ve added a T divider to help represent a filter or a lymph node. From one end of the T divider, the pathway continues to cycle within the mainline, like in the lymphatic system, but the other end is the pathway to the dust collector, which would be emptied when full. I used fish food to represent the “dust” which in turn represents whats left of bacteria when the white blood cells are done with them. Just as within the lymphatic system lymph nodes filter the lymph then what’s remaining ends up going to the urinary bladder which is later excreted from the body. Thus ending the filtration of the air in my representation as well as lymph in the human body.