The Enchantress of Immunity is a short story and homage to the Salman Rushdie novels The Enchantress of Florence and Shalimar the Clown. My STEAM project explores the blood-thinning and immune action of heparin and its related molecules. The objective I chose to expand on was “describe the various WBC and their function.” More information is contained in the file, including the statement.

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  1. EJ Jornacion’s STEAM project was on the Immune System. They wrote an interesting short story about immunity. This was inspired by the novels ‘The Enchantress of Florence’ and ‘Shalimar the Clown”, both by Salm Rushdie. When you open the document, you will be brought to the cover of the story, followed by the table of contents. First, they open with a statement about immune defenses. Then they describe their inspiration for their short story. Their story tells an enchanting entail of how a city without illness suddenly has ill citizens. The “Most Beautiful Woman in the World,” is a basophil. A type of white blood cell responsible for fighting infections and viruses. This is a truly creative STEAM project.


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