Pediatric Stroke- Sometimes a stumble can’t be brushed off: Cynthia Bridgers’ 2k23 STEAM Project

STEAM Project: Pediatric Stroke  My topic of interest for this project was focused on the key objective of knowing the pathway in which the blood flows throughout the heart and the remaining circulatory system particularly that which deals with the brain.  As can be seen, in my comic/symptoms poster an …

The Courier (dystonia): Cynthia Bridgers’ 2k22 STEAM Project

Course Objective: Explain how neurons carry an electrical charge

This short comic explains how an action potential is used in a neuron to cause a sudden clench to an individual’s hand who has a condition known as dystonia. This comic will demonstrate how much like roads neurons allow for energy to be carried throughout the body in order for multiple different functions, such as movement.
To best understand this comic please read right to left.

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