1. Halena has done an incredible job on her cell division steam project. I love how creative she was by incorporating cell division into a game. Halena had mentioned the different phases of Cell division. In her essay she discusses the involvement of the passing on the genetic information of two genetically identical daughter cells. I also learned that there are two phases in the cell cycle: which is Interphase and followed mitosis and cytokinesis. As well as I learned that 95% of the cell cycle is spent in interphase. In her essay she discusses the different steps in order as prophase,metaphase,anaphase, and telophase and cytokinesis. Cancer was also mentioned cancer relates to the cell cycle because, of a single cell that mutated differently. She discusses the different tumors and characteristics of cancer. carcinomas, sarcomas, and leukemias or lymphomas are all different types of cancers. These different types of cancers each vary and can be connective tissue, blood cells, or from the immune system in the body. However, they are all cells that mutated differently which is how they relate to the cell cycle. Regeneration was also discussed specifically on how crucial it is in the cell cycle. Regeneration is essential because, it helps the cells maintain if the body was to get hurt on how to geal better as well as the whole-body healing daily. The game she incorporated is about cell division and has a creature who can destroy the original creature, In the game she incorporates regeneration and cell division. Overall, the cell cycle is crucial for many reasons such as regeneration, life, and beating the odds of cancer. Halena has done a wonderful job explaining everything I loved learning more about the cell cycle and the game she incorporated in her project was great!

    Baylee McKeown

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