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  1. Hannah describes how the Anisakiasis parasite enters into the human body and portrays its interaction with the Eosinophils inside of the human! At first, a fish is infected with Stage 3 larvae, and is unfortunately caught by a poor fisherman. The fisherman decides to serve up a nice meal( probably the first hes had in awhile after fishing for so long) and as he gobbles it down the larvae decides “Hey, this is a pretty nice place to live. Good atmosphere!” So it settles down in the mucosa layer in the small intestine to live a comfortable lifestyle- or so it thinks- until the Eosinophils come! They come in and attempt to gobble down the parasite (as they absolutely despise parasites), but do not consume it completely, which is really annoying for the Anisakiasis. The eosinophils contact each other for backup! (flags) They all began to eat its flesh (as much as they can, anyways) and kills the parasite in a horrific way.

    Angie Samash

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