This picture shows how preeclampsia affects the spiral artery in pregnant women. This picture shows how preeclampsia can affect the maternal blood flow from the spiral artery.

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  1. This piece depicts the affect that pre-eclampsia has on the spiral artery in pregnancy. The spiral artery exists in the endometrium supplies the intervillous space in the placenta with fresh blood that contains oxygen and nutrients. As the process of pre-eclampsia progresses, the opening of the spiral artery to the intervillous space becomes constricted due to endothelial dysfunction. This results in placental hypoperfusion, which is a lack of blood that contains oxygen and nutrients to the fetus. It also results in maternal hypertension, or high blood pressure, as the body tries to compensate for this hypoperfusion, which is dangerous to mom as well as the developing fetus.

    Jowil Bell

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