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  1. Steam Project Abstract – Presley Engelauf

    The steam Project posted by Presley Engelauf is an intricate and dynamic post. She uses a dynamic and creative way to explains the function of the immune and lymphatic systems (Unit 10 – Chapters 18 and 21 of A&P 2e textbook). Presley was created a sketched with a style like webtoon (really amazing) to represent the functional characteristics of leukocytes or commonly knowing as a White Blood Cells (WBC), and their different categories. Presley begins her steam project by introducing each kind of WBC as a superhero, classified each by the major subtypes and their functions, also during the first section of Presley’s sketched, she introduces the principal side of production as a major character by name “the creator” which is the bone marrow where all this “superhero” where create because the bone marrow is the site of production of WBC. Presley continues with the story development how these superheroes protect the human body showing a situation as an example of how a health host can became sick with the exposition of another sick host.
    During the process of the disease, she shows the WBC in action to protect the body of the host again the pathogen who are the “bad guys of this story”, and then the author show how the T-cells stimulate the killer cells or WBC’s to create an antidotes, making this an effective way to fight again pathogen during the development of a disease. The finish of this sketched was a demonstration of how cancer can attack the leukocytes and make the immune and lymphatic system.

    Rosa Rogers

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