1. Blood and Lymph

    Blood and Lymph, Two separate ways to bring those vagrant fluids in
    Lymph, flows slow Cleaning all the cells, where ever they may go

    Lymphatic vessels, a network wide, draining fluid, a constant tide
    Fluids diffused by capillaries small and thin. Drawn from outside to inside

    Lymph, flow slow Hearts beat strong, pumping blood where it belongs
    Arteries, and veins A complex dance, supplying O2 every chance

    Cancer invades, breast and nodes cut away From the surgeon’s knife to the lab
    Lymph nodes are gone, but the fluid flows on To the distal part of the arm

    Edema, Takes hold It causes pain and makes the patient feel so old
    What to do I’ve got 4 asanas along with breathing work for you

    Sukhasana, Kandarasana, Ashwa Sancholasana
    So take my advice and do each yoga move twice
    And kiss your edema goodbye

    Alyssa Mcdonald
  2. Alyssa did such a great job on her project. The incorporation of music, how the lyrics flowed so beautifully, and the delivery of the information was very well delivered. I really enjoyed being able to follow along with the lyrics provided so I could really grasp what was being said and how the blood and lymph fluids work through our system. I really enjoyed how Alyssa included how yoga could help reduce edema, and the sanskrit part of the song was really wholesome and really brought about a good circle to the message being given.
    Alyssa’s essay was beautifully written as well. She really provided a detailed explanation of how the lymphatic system pumps, which is actually not at all, but more so it’s drawn to areas of lower concentrations. The connection Alyssa made with the lymphatic system as well as the smooth muscles in our body gave great context. In her essay Alyssa also talked about how different yoga poses could help move lymph, her description of the pose itself was a great touch, as now, as a reader I can visualize the pose, as well as try it for myself. I also really liked how she gave the area’s that each pose targets. I love how she incorporated her own experience into this project, and shared not only her knowledge from experience, but also combining the information into a song, by an Artist she loves and really showed the passion she placed into this project. Overall Alyssa gave a really informative project and I enjoyed reviewing every minute of it.

    Jess Brunner

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