Mason’s objective that he wanted to cover was to “Know the stages of bone development and repair”, found in unit 4 which covered the skeletal system. He focused on the bone deteriorating disease osteoporosis and how growth and sex hormones play an important roll in the health and development of our bones. We learned that osteoblasts and osteoclasts are the two main cells involved in the building and breaking down of the bones. These cells are each regulated but their own stimulators. Osteoblasts build the bones and increase density using the human growth hormone(HGH), which decreases as a person ages. Mason described osteoclasts as the mining cells. Which relates to his art drawing of little cells mining and digging away at the bone with a pickaxe to decrease density similar to what happens in osteoporosis. The osteoclasts are triggered by the parathyroid hormone, which doesn’t not decrease like HGH so when a person is old there are more minors(osteoclasts) than builders(osteoblasts). As a person ages their sexy hormones decrease, especially in women after menopause, which results in a loss of bone density repair since the building cells decrease with the hormone. In his drawing Mason showed a portion of a bone that had osteoporosis and was decaying. There were little minor osteoclasts breaking down the bones with hammers and spikes while a PTH hormone happily jumps around watching. Two osteoclast cells are on their way to the scene linked together with an estrogen hormone. The cells are holding little hammers and little bone repair kits. I think it was a fun drawing and easy to understand what was goin on. The bone was being broken down faster than it was being built back up which is exactly what happens when someone has osteoporosis.