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  1. Elizabeth Kirchgessner chose the role of calcium in bone formation as her topic. The series of three images shows how the osteoblasts first deposit phosphate and calcium into the bone tissue. When this happens, it reduces the calcium in the bloodstream. The osteoblasts are the blue guys in the first image, they are depositing the phosphate and calcium. The osteoclasts are activated by RANKL. As the RANKL expression is decreased on the osteoclast, the rate of bone resorption is also decreased, this is the shift from image two to image three. The second image shows the calcium levels decreased, and the body is preserving the serum calcium but allows bone mass and quality to decline. The yellow guys are eating the calcium from the bone tissue since the blue guys’ level is low. In the third image, the levels of serum calcium are positive which allows for the calcium (the blue guys) to be delivered to the bone. This calcium is delivered to where in the previous image, the yellow guys ate the bone.

    Dylan Asplund

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