I did my project on scoliosis caused by cerebral palsy. Here is a sculpture of scoliosis in the thoracic spine.

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  1. This seems like a really good topic to do your STEAM project on. From my understanding of cerebral palsy, it affects the development of the brain which, in turn, can affect the development and function of muscles. In turn, the spine can be malformed during development. This sculpture does a really good job of showing that malformation. You clearly displayed the thoracic spine protruding to the right in the common S shape that is often seen with scoliosis. This topic relates to the objectives that were talked about in Unit 4 – bones. I think it directly relates best to the topic of “Know the stages of bone development and repair.” When children are born, their bones are hyaline cartilage and they develop into strong bones in the first stages of their life. This happens by the osteoblast cells forming new bone cells to slowly harden the skeleton. Bones continue growing and changing all the way until a person’s growth plates are closed, some growth plates don’t close until young adulthood. If someone has cerebral palsy, they will experience tightened muscles and muscle spasms. If a child who is developing larger and stronger bones has cerebral palsy, it will alter their bones’ ability to form as they should. This is really well portrayed by the clay spine, it shows the spine was unable to form in a straight line that is normal. Not only does it make sense that scoliosis has a strong correlation to cerebral palsy, but also other complications with bones throughout the body make sense. Very good project! It was a great visual to demonstrate your understanding of this topic.

    Rachael Charles

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