The STEAM project I chose to do involves the exploration of Unit 7’s Learning Objective, aiming to identify the four primary structures of the brain and elucidate their respective functions. My focus, in particular, will delve into hippocampus disorders and how they affect the the four structures in the brain; the cerebral hemisphere, diencephalon, cerebellum, and brain stem. I chose this project due to my enduring fascination with the intricacies of the brain – its constituent structures and their multifaceted functions have perennially captivated my intellectual curiosity. 

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  1. Karis did her STEAM project on the 4 pillars of the brain, their functions and how hippocampus disorders affect the brain. Her abstract piece was a 3D model of the 4 main structures of the brain. In Her paper she talked about what function each area of the brain was responsible for. Hippocampus disease affects memory and emotions and how each cortex of the brain is affected by hippocampus disorders. I think her piece was well done and the amount of research put into it shows throughout her paper.

    Amanda Robles

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