Let it snow but… make it Let it grow! featuring My mom on the piano.

By: Kate Hetle

These are the lyrics to the song. :

Well, an injury to a muscle is frightful

but repair is so delightful,

with the help of calcium fibrin and protein

let it grow let it grow let it grow

When there trauma to our muscles
it creates a bit of a storm,
but the body can heal itself
shortly they’ll be back to norm.

Well we don’t want the muscles dying
And those fibers are still goodbying
As long as that calcium is low
Let them grow let them grow let them grow

When their cells make myoblasts
Now the fibers begin to heal
this can seal the deal
Soon they’ll no longer be torn

Muscle fibers are now thriving
And the tissues are still reviving
But as long as you let them rest
They will grow they will grow they will grow