For my project I research how the influence of alcohol effects our neurons, and the different functions and lobes of the brain.

The Learning objectives I covered was Identify the 4 main structures of the brain and their functions, and explain how neurons carry an electrical charge.


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  1. This project covers the effects of alcohol on the brain. The project discusses different side-effects of alcohol use. Such effects include blurred vision, unstable balance, and lack of coordination. The effects of alcohol stem from the neural disturbances. The brain sends and receives messages from the body via the spinal cord. The system relies on nerve cells called neurons. Alcohol is considered a neurotoxin, meaning it kills neurons in the body. Thus, consumption of alcohol disturbs the message sending and receiving process in the network. The project then goes on to discuss the anatomy of the brain. The brain is split into four lobes, each with a different function. These lobes are the frontal, temporal, parietal, and the occipital lobe. Alcohol impairs the function of each of these lobes which leads to the side-effects discussed above. The intention of this project is to demonstrate the unhealthy effects that alcohol has on the brain and neural function.

    Peerie Anderson

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