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  1. This piece is about mitosis and the difference between mitosis in eukaryotic cells for fungi and humans. I thought it was interesting learning about the differences. Andrew explained the stages of mitosis and the key differences between open and closed mitosis. I also found it interesting that Closed mitosis is the oldest mechanism of eukaryotic cell division and open mitosis was created later on through evolution. Human, animal, and plant cells undergo open mitosis. Most fungi undergo closed mitosis, but some fungi can undergo open or semi-open mitosis. In closed mitosis the nuclear membrane remains intact but in open mitosis it involves the disassembly of the nuclear membrane during prophase and its reassembly during telophase. Most fungi lack centrioles. Centrioles are important in open mitosis so in closed mitosis there are lots of different ways to organize and ensemble the spindle apparatus.

    William Bast

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