The unit objective that I chose to cover is from Unit 5, “know the muscles involved in the knee joint.” The topic that I decided to do research on is osteoarthritis in the knee. For my art project, I decided to 3D print a replica of a human knee joint and have clay represent cartilage and pipe cleaners represent the muscles associated with the knee joint.

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  1. The focus of this essay and its correlating project is on the muscles of the knee joint and how these muscles are affected by the disease Osteoarthritis. The art project is a 3D model of the knee joint and it includes pipe cleaners to represent the muscles associated with the knee joint and clay to represent the cartilage of this joint. The corresponding essay for this project focuses on the different types of tissues, including the quadricep group and the hamstring group. Both of these muscle groups are involved in our knee joint, as pictured in this art project. The purpose of this essay is to inform the reader about what Osteoarthritis is and how this chronic joint disease occurs. This essay includes many references that support the content provided in this essay. This essay not only informs us on how Osteoarthritis is caused, but also how it can be prevented in ways such as keeping active. This article mentions an effective way of treating this disease. The treatment of this disease includes ultrasound technology, which is a huge advancement from the previous ways of treating Osteoarthritis. The way that Osteoarthritis used to be treated include conventional radiography, but this method has been shown to not be as effective as ultrasound technology. The ideas and research included in this essay were both very informative and the project itself was creative and original. Overall, this essay was worth the read and explained Osteoarthritis in a clear and concise manner.

    September Marcoe

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