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  1. This project discusses the Ulnar Collateral Ligament also known as the UCL. The UCL wraps around the synovial joint of the elbow and keeps the ulna and the humerus together. It specifically prevents excessive movement of the elbow. When overused, the UCL can tear and cause instability and a restriction of the range of motion in an arm. Athletes who throw or swing their arms a lot are most affected by this type of injury. What is known as a valgus stress test is used to diagnose a UCL tear. That is when a doctor tries to move an arm through its full range of motion and pulls the person’s thumb to see if they feel any sort of pain(which would indicate a tear). Treatment depends on the severity of the tear: partial tears may heal naturally, while complete tears require UCL reconstruction surgery, known as Tommy John surgery. The surgery involves replacing the damaged UCL with a tendon harvested from the patient’s own body. Following surgery, athletes typically undergo a ten-month rehabilitation program before returning to their sport. There is a unique visual representation of what a tear looks like. The use of cardboard, string, and watercolors was very creative.

    Sean Thies

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