The objective of my STEAM project is state the location of various tissues in the body and know the structure of the knee joint and compare this joint to five other joint types. I have decided to discuss a process known as odontogenesis. Odontogenesis is the mechanism by which teeth are formed and erupt. For my project, I have made five pizzas to display each of the stages of tooth development.  Using my homemade sourdough crust, cheese, ham, olives, and other vegetables, I have given a visual representation of each of the stages of tooth development. The interesting thing about odontogenesis is that teeth originate from epithelial tissue. Odontogenesis is a complex cellular process, but I have broken it down into five main phases: dental lamina, bud, cap, bell and crown and root formation. The process of tooth development starts at five weeks in the embryo and does not finish until an individual is at least six months old.

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  1. Alex Belcher STEAM project was done on Odontogenesis. Odontogenesis is the formation and eruption of teeth. Alex visually showed us the stages of tooth development broken down into 5 main phases: dental lamina, bud, cap, bell and crown and root. Tooth development begins at five weeks in the embryo and stops when an infant is 6 months old. The first stage is dental lamina, dental lamina is the first evidence of tooth development. A band of epithelial tissue seen in historic sections of a developing tooth. Burning the second stage which is called the bud stage, dental lamina and tiny buds starts to form a long the planes of coth the maxillary and mandibular jawbone. The cap stage, the third stage of development is when the tooth starts to look more tooth like. In the cap stage the bottom sections of the tooth known as the roots are beginning to take shape. Stage four is known as the bell stage. The bony sections of the tooth starts to grow into precise arrangements. Odontoblasts are first seen in this stage. Odontoblasts is any layer of cells lining the pulp cavity of a tooth and giving rise to the dentine. DEntine makes up most of the tooth’s structure and support the teeth. Crown and root formation starts in the final stage of odontogenesis. As the jawbones advance in size teeth begin to push through the gingival tissue. Also in the final stage pulp starts to form. The pulp is responsible for sensation and helps transfer nutrients and blood to the rest of the tooth.

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