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  1. Michael Raso showcases the difference between a healthy neuron and a neuron with Alzheimer’s, while diving deeper in the objective of explaining how neurons carry an electrical charge. I see lots of labels helping differentiate all the features of each neuron, both healthy and the neuron with Alzheimer’s. Alzheimer’s is a neurodegenerative disorder in which healthy neurons collect plaque and degrade, leading to a decline in cognitive functions. Alzheimer’s can be caused by either positive or negative lesions, and over time begin to twist/tangle the tau, causing major changes to the structure and function of the neuron. The neuron with Alzheimer’s degenerates, slowly eliminating memories and cognitive skills. On the contrary, healthy neurons carry out communication across the body and brain. Overall, this project helped Michael Raso connect the science behind neurons to a personal problem and understand the depth of the objective.
    Michael’s explanation helped me get a clear picture of how easily a mutation can change the functions and chemical properties of a neuron. I never realized how fragile a person’s cognitive functions are, how one mutation could cause death. He continues to explain and showcase the process of each neuron attribute: how a dendrite receives input from neurons. Axons transmit messages and are covered by a myelin sheath which acts as an insulator. Neurons need a certain amount of input to meet the requirement to stimulate the axon to fire/act.
    Michael’s project was creative and helped me come to a better understanding of neurons.

    Gabreall Craig

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