I did my project on gestational diabetes and fetal development. I did a simple board game. The rules are easy. Make it around the board 9 times. It is a fast-round game.

The object of the game: Get around 9 times (to simulate the months of being pregnant). Land on spaces that ask you questions about gestational diabetes and fetal development. Answer questions correctly and you are allowed to move forward. Answer them incorrectly and you lose a turn or are forced to move back depending on what the card says. If you get the answer right, keep the card. If you don’t, discard it.

How to play: Roll a die. Move forward that many steps.  Once you land on a pull a card question and follow the rules on the card. If you land on a Go to Doc. Space, you go to the previous doctor’s space and pull another card. Whoever has the most cards by the end wins.

Some questions on the cards include:

  • What is fetal development? (It is the development of a fetus inside the uterus).
  • What is gestational diabetes? (Gestational diabetes happens when a woman becomes pregnant and is insulin resistant)
  • What is insulin resistance? (Insulin resistance happens when a body’s hormones rise in level and insulin is used in the body less efficiently).
  • How can you spot signs of gestational diabetes? (There aren’t too many symptoms, but extreme fatigue and dry mouth happen).
  • What are 3 effects if left unchecked? (The baby grows much larger than it is supposed to, early birth, low blood sugar).

It is important to know the answers to these questions if you ever decide to have a baby. Which is why I created this game.

This is a progress picture and a picture of the final result! I thought the swirl design would be fun.

Open photo
Open photo